Anti-Slip Stair Nosing

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Stair Nosing is a simple and effective approach to provide grip to your workplace steps. Many industrial and public-area accidents are caused by a lack of stair grip. As such, Anti-Slip Stair Nosing provides a great technique to make your steps safe from slip and fall hazards. Installing stair nosing protects staircases from wear and helps to extend the durability of the stair’s tread. The design helps to spread impact force throughout the whole tread, reducing future maintenance and replacement expenses.

Made of durable composite fibreglass, our Industrial Stair Nosing ensures a tough and strong anti-slip solution. The nosing easily fits over existing steps and can be installed quickly. Workers are protected as the non-slip edge provides security and safety when approaching stairs. A wide range of sizes is available to suit various workplaces and desired lengths.

Additional Information

Reinforced protection with a grit surface to prevent slipping!

Adding Anti-Slip Nosing to your staircases increases safety in your business. This anti-slip technology can actually improve tread visibility, clearly identifying where it ends and allowing people to confidently walk up and down staircases. Because the edge is where most people place their feet and weight, industrial nosing protects your treads from damage and wear. Most notably, the nosing protrudes beyond the tread’s edge allowing users to access stairs comfortably. This then prevents accidents like slips and falls.


  • Built with anti-slip technology to ensure user safety.
  • Provides grip and security to workplace stairs.
  • Prevents stairs from wear, tear or damage.
  • Complies with relevant Australian Standards, like AS 4586:2013.
  • Durable Fibreglass Composite with integrated anti-slip grit.
  • High-visibility design in safety yellow, which allows users to confidently see step edges.
  • Mechanically fixed or adhered installation.
  • No steel elements, which means no corrosion or delamination.
  • Dimensionally stable in all temperatures.
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes that can be cut to the desired length.


  • Material – Fibreglass composite with integrated anti-slip grit
  • Finish – Safety yellow
  • Installation – Mechanically fixed or adhered

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

FRP Stair nosing 1030 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN1030150 $95.00

FRP Stair nosing 1030 x 76 x 30mm- yellow

BSN103075 $50.00

FRP Stair nosing 1200 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN1200150 $110.00

FRP Stair nosing 1200 x 76 x 30mm- yellow

BSN120075 $59.00

FRP Stair nosing 450 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN450150 $40.00

FRP Stair nosing 450 x 76 x 30mm yellow

BSN45075 $20.00

FRP Stair nosing 600 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN600150 $55.00

FRP stair nosing 600 x 76 x 30mm – yellow

BSN60075 $30.00

FRP Stair nosing 750 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN750150 $69.00

FRP Stair Nosing 750 x 76 x 30mm- yellow

BSN75075 $35.00

FRP Stair nosing 900 x 152 x 30mm- yellow

BSN900150 $80.00

FRP Stair nosing 900 x 76 x 30mm- yellow

BSN90075 $44.00

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