Master Safety with CargoMaster!

Proving to be a revolutionary item on the market, the CargoMaster ComfortStep is helping workers with many manual handling activities.

An innovative handling solution, our stair climbing devices are safe, intuitive and completely reliable.

When handling heavy loads, an operator can instil their full trust in the device to power up and down staircases with ease. This ensures it is incredibly beneficial for any worker using it to transport heavy loads.

CargoMaster increases a user’s ability, ensures they are working ergonomically and allows an operator who may have previously sustained an injury to find complete comfort with the device.

Our Sales Assistant, Emma Lundberg, had the task of operating the CargoMaster and testing its abilities up and down staircases.  Emma, who suffered from a motorbike accident a year ago, still finds it difficult to move around freely. Despite this, she could see the value in employing a stair climber for everyday tasks as it allowed her to move heavier loads she previously could not.

“For someone who struggles to lift items upstairs, because of my accident, the CargoMaster made achieving this an absolute breeze,” Emma said.

“I can understand how these devices assist employees in many workplaces.  If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on improving your own abilities.”

The CargoMaster aims to be the next generation of stair climbing trolleys. The device as a whole requires little effort to operate and features a range of unique functionalities. It easily climbs stairs with loads up to 200 kg.

Features such as a LED display, variable speed control, safety brakes and heavy-duty batteries, provide complete user control and awareness. If used in ComfortStep mode it operates gently, quietly and efficiently.

Improve your manual handling processes with this compact, versatile and amazing device that can conquer any staircase!

Order yours today or contact our sales team at .


Emma uses the ComfortStep on the stairs.


Its unique functionalities conquer any staircase.


The unit navigates staircases with automatic ledge detection.


The ComfortStep easily supports heavy loads.


Learn more about the ComfortStep or our other similar stair climbers!

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