Lifting to new heights with Barbaric

A new lifting technology is fast-becoming a must-have in any organisation where Workplace Health and Safety is paramount. Developed in Austria and utilising state-of-art, patented components, the Barbaric Lifter Series offers sophisticated vacuum handling technology with an array of safety benefits.

Aiming to optimise workflow and enable resourceful handling, Barbaric Lifters save in valuable production time. Not only do they ensure users can move oversized panels, but they provide maximum ergonomics without physical exertion.

Conventional manipulation by hand generally requires 2-3 employees, whereas Barbaric Lifters allows a single employee to perform the same duties, if not more.

The Barbaric Lifter Series supports customers through custom-made handling solutions for wood and glass while implementing ergonomic systems with high profitability return and increased efficiency.

The uniWood Lifter is an optimal standard lifter for wood board materials like panels, melamine sheets, MDF boards, chipboards, laminated boards and door panels. Alternatively, the safetyLifter sets the standard for glass handling and lifting. Other high reliable and flexible vacuum lifters are also available for glass, window and wood industries.

The lifting processes for any Barbaric vacuum handling device ensures stability with lightweight constructions, flexible suction beams and diverse functionality.

Quality, efficiency and innovation are keywords that apply to Barbaric’s operations. The family-run business, are committed to providing optimally functional handling systems suited to any customer’s needs. As such, customised solutions can also be tailored to specific requests.

Materials Handling is an exclusive agent for Barbaric Vacuum Lifters. Our range includes:

For more information on the product range, visit our Overview of Barbaric.

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