January’s Hottest Products 2022

A new year is a perfect time to look towards your future goals and ensure your workplace is operating effectively and efficiently. Setting goals, not resolutions, which are measurable and practical can help you prioritise tasks and ensure your upcoming year is filled with success. To do so, reflect on your organisation and some of your safety practices. Our January’s Hottest Products may also help assist you in finding some new solutions to help achieve those goals. For 2022, set your sights high and get ready for a successful year ahead.

Aluminium Load Lifter

Our Aluminium Load Lifter is one of the most adaptable lifters on the market and suits a variety of applications such as delivery work, installations, at the office, warehouses, service activities, and material handling projects. Its versatility allows you to fold and stow the device for storage and transportation. In fact, it will fit into your vehicle with ease.

Learn more about our Aluminium Load Lifter

MLL55 Aluminium Load Lifter hero

MLL55 Aluminium Load Lifter – at half height

MLL55 Aluminium Load Lifter folding

MLL55 folding into compact size

MLL55 Aluminium Load Lifter hero

MLL55 extended to full height


Powerlift GO Powered Lift Trolley

European-made, the Powerlift GO is ideal for sectors where repetitive lifting is a problem. Supermarkets, workshops, warehouses, offices, pharmacies, retail establishments, and even libraries employ this great handling solution. This Powered Lifter delivers a safe and convenient handling solution that eliminates manual handling concerns wherever heavy objects are found. This trolley is very easy to use thanks to its excellent ergonomics, nimble design, and high-quality components.

Move more with our Powerlift GO Powered Lift Trolley

Powerlift GO Powered Lifting Trolley Features
Cargo Materials Lifters

Our Cargo Materials Lifter is a multi-purpose lifter that is ideal for a variety of activities. It can handle a wide range of loads thanks to several interchangeable fittings. It may also be readily carried to and from the location because it folds up rapidly, reducing the amount of space required for transit. The load is also levelled during use thanks to its built-in level and adjustable legs. This lifter comes in two models: CS Series with Manual Winch and ES Series with Electric Winch. It includes a sturdy and durable mast with a safe anti-fall system.

Check out our Cargo Materials Lifters

Cargo Materials Lifter

ES550 working

ES Cargo Materials Lifter
Aluminium Hand Trucks

With our Aluminium Hand Trucks, you can reduce the physical work of lifting, carrying, or transporting heavy loads. Their ergonomic design reduces physical effort by reducing repetitive pull-back and bending. They can also readily navigate kerbs and barriers without having to reverse them, with continuous forward movement during operation. This makes them incredibly time-efficient and productive.

Browse our great range of Aluminium Hand Trucks

Stairclimber 11 23SC LITE

Rotatruck LITE stairclimber

11 23AT26 BRC17

BRC17 PRO standard

Let our January’s Hottest Products help you achieve some of your goals for 2022. If you require an alternative solution, don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team or request a free quote at .

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