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Aluminium Load Lifter

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The Load Lifter is a lightweight, portable lift trolley that folds down, compact, to the size of a suitcase! It features aluminium construction and weighs only 26 kg.

As one of the most versatile lifters on the market, it is suited to a number of applications including delivery work, installations, in the office, warehouses, service activities and material handling assignments. Its flexibility allows you to fold the device and stow-away for storage and transport. In fact, it can conveniently fit into your vehicle.

With a cushioned hand-grip and bevelled platform, the Aluminium Load Lifter allows you to easily unload and load equipment. It has 200 mm rear wheels and 50 mm non-marking front swivel castors.


Additional Information

Our Load Lifter easily meets your needs!

With a bevelled aluminium platform and winch controlled power, the Load Lifter can easily function as a work table. It features a high strength, aircraft quality lift cable that is durable and vinyl-coated for long life. The device also handles staircases with unique stair glides. The frame telescopically lengthens to an incredible height of 1700 mm. When in use, the lifter is quiet with high-speed capabilities. Its hold-down mechanism secures the device during transport.

Standard Features: 

  • Fork – Load Platform
  • Power – Standard Winch
  • Base – Standard Base
  • Portable and compact design
  • Lightweight, aluminium construction
  • High strength aircraft quality cable
  • Cushioned neoprene hand grip
  • A bevelled aluminium platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Portable – folds for compact storage
  • Stair glides for easy handling on stairs
  • Hold-down mechanism secures for transport
  • Standard quiet high-speed winch
  • Reversible winch handle for easy storage


  • Lifting Height – 1.7 m
  • Load Capacity – 91 kg
  • Platform Size – 43 x 36 cm
  • Length (stowed) – 38 cm
  • Length (operating) – 73 cm
  • Width (stowed) – 52 cm
  • Average cranks (standard winch) – 3 cranks / 30 cm
  • Unit Weight – 26 kg

MLL55 Aluminium Load Lifter

Wheel and Castor Options:

  • 20 cm non-marking rear wheels
  • Pneumatic 20 cm rear wheels for rough terrain
  • 5 cm non-marking front swivel castors

Options and Accessories: 

  • Pneumatic rear wheels for rough terrain
  • 5 cm non-marking front swivel castors
  • Foot-operated brake

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Load Lifter portable lift trolley


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