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Access Platforms – Step Thru Tracker

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Our Tracker Step Thru Access Platform is very versatile and easy to use. Its design ensures the ladder is fully mobile and able to navigate across all types of terrains. With two large diameter wheels, it moves easily over sealed or unsealed surfaces and slopes making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. 

The Tracker Step Thru eliminates dangerous risks associated with accessing heights by providing a stable ‘stepping-off’ platform and side safety rails for firm support. An operator can climb up and down the platform with ease and perform required duties safely. The device is made in accordance with relevant safety standards and is more than just a platform ladder.

Additional Information

Provide safe mobile access with the Tracker Step Thru Access Platform! 

Tracker Step Thru Ladders moves quickly and easily. 

These innovative ladders feature mobile, indoor and outdoor access with fast relocation. Completely Australian made, it features a tilt, steering control and brake control that is fast and easy to move to the job. Release of the control automatically returns Tracker Step Thru to the stationary mode where it is braked and totally stable. Fitting of the optional shelf places a toolbox, equipment or clipboard at the ideal working height.

The Tracker access, stock and order picker units allow step through access to:

  • Transport vehicles
  • Raised storage areas
  • Loading docks
  • Elevated work levels

They feature oval grab rails for the safe transfer of personnel. They are safe, stable, mobile and easy to use.  Their stable stepping off platform ensures a worker can easily transition to access containers, mezzanine floors and similar places. The ladders are manufactured with high-quality materials and built for longevity. The Tracker Step Thru reduces exposure to potential access risks.

Key Features: 

  • Stepping through access that’s safe and mobile
  • Three-point contact enabled at all times
  • Moves easily over all terrains including sealed and unsealed surfaces
  • Moves quickly to where you need the ladder
  • Designed and tested with a load rating of up to 150 kg
  • Meets Australian, New Zealand, US and European standards
  • Range of available sizes to meet your required needs.
A variety of models available!

Tracker Step Thru Access Platforms Dimensions

Code A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
S3ST 860 780 900
S4ST 1145 820 1005
S5ST 1435 860 1110
S6ST 1720 900 1215
S7ST 2005 940 1330
S8ST 2295 980 1460
S9ST 2580 1020 1590
S10ST 2865 1060 1720


Please note: All dimensions above are in millimetres. 

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Platform height: 860mm
Service height: 900-1185mm


Platform height: 1145mm
Service height: 1185-1475mm


Platform height: 1435mm
Service height: 1475-1760mm


Platform height: 1720mm
Service height: 1760-2045mm


Platform height: 2005mm
Service height: 2045-2335mm


Platform height: 2295mm
Service height: 2335-2620mm


Platform height: 2580mm
Service height: 2620-2905mm


Platform height: 2865mm
Service height: 2905-3150mm


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