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Series 1900 Materials Lifter

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Our Series 1900 Materials Lifter allows an operator to move, raise and lower products. Heavy loads can be transported with ease and over rough terrains, thanks to the lifters innovative design. A user can easily lift and move items up to 180 kg capacity. The unit features reversible forks for added flexibility and higher lifting heights.

Also known as a Contractor Lift, the Series 1900 Materials Lifter is a great choice for relocating and transporting heavy objects. It is equipped with a robust winch and two-position handle for leverage, which allows a user to raise materials quickly and efficiently. These units are ideal for moving boxes or transporting large loads around the workplace.

The lifter is portable and easily fits into the back of a van or truck. When loading, simply fold the lifter and roll along via the transport wheels.


Additional Information

Easily transport heavy items!

This robust device easily moves up and down inclines, and over rough terrains. The lifters back 5-inch wheels provide smooth and easy operation and a user can efficiently deliver materials as it’s steady and easy-to-use. Handling various materials handling applications, it ensures users are working at an ergonomic height. The Materials Lifter is available in two models – M1908 or M1910.


  • Lifting heights up to 2.49 m (M1908) or 2.98 m (M1910).
  • Load capacity of 160 kg (M1908) or 180 kg (M1910).
  • Transportable with front swivel castors and large wheels that easily navigate rough terrain.
  • Quick-action foot pedal brake.
  • Telescoping aluminium masts.
  • Reversible forks (can be inverted).
  • Steering handle for user control.
  • Fitted with transport wheels for easy van loading or pickup.
  • Robust winch for lifting loads with two-position winch handle for leverage.
  • Carriage hold down and straddle base.

Features Series 1900 Material Lift



  • Heights Stowed – 1.73 m
  • Forks Inverted – 3.0 m
  • Forks Standard – 2.49 m
  • Width Max. – 1.08 m
  • Width Min. – 0.72 m
  • Inside Max. – 0.93 m
  • Length Stowed – 0.42 m
  • Length Operating – 1.16 m
  • Weight – 76 kg
  • Load Capacity – 180 kg


  • Heights Stowed – 2.02 m
  • Forks Inverted – 3.6 m
  • Forks Standard – 2.98 m
  • Width Max. – 1.08 m
  • Width Min. – 0.72 m
  • Inside Max. – 0.93 m
  • Length Stowed – 0.42 m
  • Length Operating – 1.16 m
  • Weight – 78 kg
  • Load Capacity – 160 kg

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Height Stowed – 1.73 m
Load Capacity – 180 kg


Height Stowed – 2.02 m
Load Capacity – 160 kg


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