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Seal and Shrink Systems

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Introducing our all-in-one Seal and Shrink Systems! These machines offer a cost-effective and efficient shrink-wrapping solution for small to medium-sized items. They’re simple to use and versatile, and they wrap products quickly and efficiently in just one step. Seal and Shrink Systems are built to last, with a long operating life and a user-friendly design.

Shrink wrap machines apply heat to a plastic film to seal and protect your products. They quickly and easily cover objects to avoid damage or accidents and also can preserve them for future use. Heat is used in Shrink and Seal Systems to shrink a plastic sheet around a product. For shrinking, the item is covered with heat that is sent through a heat tunnel or oven.

Our range has two models available! Select from our PSM3246 (320 x 460 x 200 H mm) or our PSM4255 (320 x 550 x 200 H mm). 

Additional Information

Efficient wrapping and sealing!

These Hood Shrink Machines are easy to operate and may be used in a variety of industries, such as retail sales, eCommerce, and food manufacturing. They’re a must-have for contract packaging companies who want to protect and seal their products.

Seals a variety of goods quickly and securely

Simply lower the hood and our systems will seal and/or shrink books, videos, toiletries, food products and other similar products on the spot. They are superbly designed and engineered for one-person operation.

Wraps products without damaging them

Heat is used to shrink a plastic sheet around a product in shrink wrap machines. Automated shrink wrap machines are common, however semi-automatic and manual shrink wrap machines are also available. Shrink Wrap Machines wrap the item in plastic and then shrink it in a heat tunnel or oven.

Two Shrink and Seal Systems available

We stock two great models for all your shrinking and sealing needs. View both our solutions below and choose the right model for your requirements.

PSM3246 Hood Shrink System: 

  • Sealing Area – 320 W x 460 L mm
  • Max. Product Height – 200 mm
  • Max. Roll Size (dia.) – 250 x 470 W mm
  • Watts – 2100 W

PSM4255 Hood Shrink System: 

  • Sealing Area – 420 W x 550 L mm
  • Max. Product Height – 200 mm
  • Max. Roll Size (dia.) – 250 x 650 W mm
  • Watts – 3500 W

PSM3246 Seal and Shrink Systems hero

PSM3246 Seal and Shrink System

PSM4255 Seal and Shrink Systems hero

PSM4255 Seal and Shrink System

Find an alternative packaging solution? 

Browse our full range of Shrink Seal products to find another great system!

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Hood Shrink Machine 320 x 460 x 200H mm


Hood Shrink Machine 320 x 550 x 200H mm


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