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Strapping Machines Plastic Strap

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The Semi Automatic Strapping Machine is one of our best sellers. To operate, the strap is simply placed around the package, and into the strap inlet to activate the strapping cycle.

Easily adjustable for strap widths from 6mm to 15.5mm.

The strap feed system, tensioning device and cams are designed to eliminate splitting, bending and scratching. Other features include fast heat-up, a stainless steel tabletop with safety power-off when opened, simple PC board replacement and lockable castor wheels.

Easily strap cartons and packages with our new economically priced semi and fully automatic machines.

  • Speed: 24 straps per minute
  • Strap width: 6, 9, 12 and 15.5mm
  • Tension: adjustable to 25kg
  • Machine weight: 100kg
  • Power supply: single phase 240v
  • Machine size (LxWxH): 902mm x 586mm x 775mm

The Fully Automatic polypropylene arch strapping machine is strong, lightweight and designed for minimum maintenance.

The operating temperature is reached within 2 – 3 minutes and using the jog switch the strap is simply fed through the arch to the ‘ready’ position. Can be used in manual or auto mode.

  • Speed: 24 straps per minute
  • Strap width: 12mm
  • Tension: adjustable to 70kg
  • Machine weight: 270kg
  • Power supply: single-phase 240v
  • Table height: 810mm; Min. package height: 60mm
  • Machine size (LxWxH): 1400mm x 640mm x 1535mm
  • Arch size (WxH): 850mm x 600mm

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine – Small


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine – Low Table


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine – Open Frame


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine – Side Action


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine – Side Action
Stainless Steel


Semi-Auto Strapping Machine


Auto Strapping Machine – Arch


Strapping Machine – High Speed 12 mm PP


Strapping Machine – High Speed 5-9 mm PP


Auto Strapping Machine – Arch


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