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Pallet/IBC Container Lifter

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The MCBC125 Pallet and IBC Container Lifter safely lifts IBC containers or pallets using a crane. It features a clever, simple and easy to use design. As an overhead crane attachment, this device is a safer method when compared to using a fork pallet lifter.

The overall unit weighs a total of 52 kg, however the lifter has a strong Working Load Limit of 1250 kg. It includes all chains, safety hooks and connectors and is a finished with a highly visible ‘safety yellow’ painted enamel. Another bonus feature of this device is that the tines can be stored in the top trays, when not in use.

The Pallet/IBC Container Lifter has been constructed with a four point lift. The device has been built in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and it is certified against these.


Additional Information

Great and secure lifting with the Pallet/IBC Container Lifter!

As an IBC Crane Spreader Beam, this device complies with the strictest safety standards to deliver professional and safe results. It offers lifting reliability and improves processes effectively. The unit is supplied with four lifting chain assembly, two lower spreader beams, four 2-Tonne Latch Lock Hooks and two Lifting Forks.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL) – 1250 kg
  • Unit Total Weight – 52 kg
  • Load Centre – 658 mm
  • HCG – 658 mm
  • Height – approximately 1386 mm
  • Length – 1316 mm
  • Width – 700 mm
  • Four Latch Lock Hook points provided at 1316 mm x 650 mm centres
  • Features an upper and lower spreader beam with lifting fork.

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IBC and Pallet Crane Lifting Frame


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