Cable and Hose Protectors

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Our Cable and Hose Protectors prevent accidental damage to cables, hoses and special equipment. They are an excellent way to keep cables safe, secure and protected. Cable Protectors can be used used for a variety of purposes, including reducing tripping hazards, concealing cables or cords, and protecting the flooring beneath from wear and tear. Most specifically, they ensure cables are secured away from traffic, especially during maintenance, outdoor events or emergency operations.

These covers feature a strong and modular design that ensures cord security and safety. Their recessed carrying handle also makes them easy to transport and position around any worksite. Heavy-duty dog-bone connections guarantee that modules stay in position. 

Cable and Hose Protectors are not recommended for use with haul trucks.

Additional Information

Protect your cables with our robust covers!

Cable protection solutions are made to keep cables under control and protect them from hostile situations, preventing unintentional tripping or disconnections in your environment. Our models are available in either a drop-over, rubber or polyurethane design. Choose the option that best suits your environment and start protecting your workplace.

Please Note: These covers are not recommended for forklift or truck traffic.

Drop-Over Cable Cover

This low-profile cover is a robust one-piece moulded polythene cable protector that safeguards cables from damage while also preventing tripping hazards. It’s perfect for use in building and restoration projects, as well as office settings, and in areas with short-term or temporary pedestrian traffic. Easily install the cover by positioning the modules over existing cables or hoses. The interconnecting modules are made of a high-visibility safety yellow with a non-slip surface.

Specifications (CP1BODY):

  • Material – Moulded polyethylene.
  • Colour – Yellow.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1010 x 135 x 20 mm
  • Channel size (W x D) – 1 channel; 40 x 12 mm
  • Weight – 1.3 kg
  • Installation – Interlocking drop over modules
  • No tools required
Drop Over Cable Cover CP1BODY

Drop-Over Cable CP1BODY

Rubber Cable Protector

This Rubber Cable Protector, like other models, is designed to protect assets from damage and pedestrians from tripping hazards. The body is made from a mix of new and recycled rubber, and its hinged lid is durable and flexible in a rubber/plastic composite. For high visibility, this option is finished in a high-visible yellow colour. It’s most suited for light-duty vehicle/pedestrian traffic on a short-term basis. It has a sturdy build, chunky interlocking connections, and a versatile design.

Specifications (CP2BODY, CP3BODY and CP5BODY):

  • Material – Rubber body with rubber/plastic lids
  • Colour – Black & Safety Yellow.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) –
    • 2 channel – 1000 x 250 x 45 mm
    • 3 channel – 900 x 500 x 75 mm
    • 5 channel – 900 x 500 x 55 mm
  • Channel size (W x D) –
    • 2 channels – 30 x 35 mm
    • 3 channels – 50 x 50 mm
    • 5 channels – 30 x 25 mm
  • Weight –
    • 2 channel – 7.25 kg
    • 3 Channel – 21.4 kg
    • 5 Channel – 14 kg
  • Installation – Interlocking modules
  • No tools required.
Cable Protectors Rubber

Rubber model

Polyurethane Cable Protector

Our heavy-duty polyurethane model shields cables and hoses from damage. This option, like our other options, enables safe pedestrian movement while also protecting important cables and hoses. The cover is finished in a high-visibility safety orange and yellow and has a hinged top for convenient use. Modules are secured in place using heavy-duty dog-bone connections. The recessed carrying handle makes it easy to transport. This option comes in three sizes: 2, 3, or 5 channels.

Specifications (CP2PUBODY, CP3PUBODY or CP5PUBODY)

  • Material – Polyurethane body with rubber/plastic lid
  • Colour – High-visibility Orange and Yellow
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) –
    • 2 channels – 1000 x 250 x 45 mm
    • 3 channels – 900 x 500 x 75 mm
    • 5 channels – 900 x 500 x 55 mm
  • Channel size (W x D) –
    • 2 channels – 27 x 30 mm
      3 channels – 65 x 55 mm
      5 channels – 35 x 35 mm
  • Weight –
    • 2 channel – 5.5 kg
    • 3 channel – 13.5 kg
    • 5 channel – 11.5 kg
  • Installation – Interlocking modules
  • No tools required.
Cable Protectors Polyurethane 3

Polyurethane model

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Drop-over cable protector – 1 channel

CP1BODY $45.00

Rubber cable protector – 2 channel

CP2BODY $115.00

Rubber cable protector – 3 channel

CP3BODY $130.00

Rubber cable protector – 5 channel

CP5BODY $130.00

Polyurethane cable protector – 2 channel

CP2PUBODY $172.00

Polyurethane cable protector – 3 channel

CP3PUBODY $549.00

Polyurethane cable protector – 5 channel

CP5PUBODY $402.00

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