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Pallet Trucks – Powered

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Powered Pallet Trucks are a pallet handling option for light-duty applications. They are one of the most cost-effective solutions available for materials handling equipment. As an electric pallet truck with a lead-acid battery, they feature a compact and lightweight design. This allows them to maximise running time while saving energy and being environmentally friendly.

Pallet trucks in a retail environment must be compact and easy to manoeuvre so as not to disrupt workflow. Our Powered Pallet Truck range has a small size making it easy to move and operate. These innovations can electrically lift and move pallets of up 2000 kg (depending on the model selected). Additionally, they can be configured with various fork sizes to meet specific customer needs or requirements.

The design tiller head helps increase efficiency. They also include an internal charger for easy charging.

Additional Information

EPT20 ET Powered Pallet Trucks Environment

EPT20 ET Powered Pallet Trucks 2

Innovative materials and pallet handling!

Our Powered Pallet Trucks are a revolutionary item that will get you moving in any production facility, warehouse or loading dock. They suit a range of industries and can be customised to specific working requirements. With a range of safety benefits, this device uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver big rewards to any organisation.

Smooth Operation

This device has been ergonomically designed to increase safety and productivity while ensuring operator efficiency. The tiller head adjusts to the user and is easy to operate. Additional handy features like a disconnect button and durable driving ability ensure the user’s safety at all times.

Lightweight and compact

Our Pallet Trucks are all compact in size and easy to use. This allows for greater movability and effortless operation. The EPT20-15ET features a 1500 kg capacity, while the EPT20-ET can move up to 2000 kg. Both feature a turning radius of 1465 mm.

Great technology with a leading innovative design

Powered Pallet Trucks are fitted with special anti-vibration technology, which extends the durability of the device. This helps as well make it low-maintenance and ensures the life of the battery components.

Integrated charger and gel battery

With its integrated charger, now this Powered Pallet Jack is a complete and accommodating system. This feature allows for greater flexibility, which is often a requirement in any busy supply chain. The battery is also low-maintenance and will save big when it comes to servicing. The charger also features a temperature indicator to protect the battery.

Optional Rubber suspended support wheels

For added stability and extra security, choose the Pallet Truck with suspended support wheels.

EPT20 ET Powered Pallet Trucks 4

EPT20 ET Powered Pallet Trucks 3

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Electric Pallet Truck [rough terrain wheels]
1600kg capacity
48V 30Ah gel battery
Internal charger


Electric Pallet Truck
1500kg capacity
24V 85Ah gel battery
Internal battery charger


Electric Pallet Truck
2000kg capacity
48V 30Ah gel battery
Internal charger


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