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The Mega Brute Mobile Waste Container is a waste collection and sorting system that is extremely manoeuvrable and versatile. Used in a variety of workplaces. By carrying heavier loads, optimising garbage sorting, minimising worker strain, and enhancing your bottom line, the Mega Brute ensures a significant increase in productivity in a range of workplaces.

Choose Mega Brute for mobile collection and efficient waste management. It provides a highly adaptable method of waste collection and sorting on a large scale. The trolley flips up for quick access to the waste storage section and easily holds a 250 litre can liner. With a huge capacity, it can handle a variety of applications, like rubbish and laundry.

Additional Information

Storage Area:
Ideal for storing extra can liners and other cleaning supplies. Optional lid fully covers waste and supplies. The centre hinge allows access to either end of the Mega BRUTE.

Sorting Options:
Holds an optional 104 litre Slim Jim container (Code M3540) for improved waste sorting and recycling.

High Capacity:
Carries up to 180 kg for a more efficient waste collection process.

Manoeuvres Easy:
Large 305 mm wheels and 125 mm non-marking, lockable castors in a diamond pattern allow Mega BRUTE to turn on its own axis. The narrow width (700 mm) fits easily through standard doorways and small elevator doors. Rear doors ease handling of heavy filled liners.


  • High capacity that carries up to 180 kg (450 litres).
  • Sortation options assist with recycling efforts.
  • Mobile and easy to move; fits through a standard doorway and travels easily on and off most elevators.
  • Rear doors ease handling of heavily filled liners.
  • Replacement parts are available.
  • Made in the United States of America.


  • Length – 133.35 cm
  • Width – 69.85 cm
  • Height – 107.95 cm
  • Weight – 33.57 kg
  • Colour – Black

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Mega Brute Bin
Dimensions (mm) 1333 x 698 x1080
Capacity 545 Litres


Lid for mega brute
Dimensions (mm) 1257 x 762 x 2578


Slim Jim Waste Container
Dimensions (mm): 508x279x762
Capacity: 87 L


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