Moving on up with the Mobile Stair Lift

Stairs just became a whole lot easier to climb with the ergonomic Mobile Stair Lift.

A portable stair-climbing solution for any workplace, this device assists in moving people up and down staircases effortlessly.

Commonly adopted in hospitals, homes and healthcare industries, the Mobile Stair Lift is a leading ambulation mobility solution. It features a lightweight, portable design and is able to be used across a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces – like concrete, tiles, metal and carpet (fully attached).

Such a device holds longevity in any workplace where patient care is vital. Gone are the days of using stretchers to manually move a person and risk handling associated injuries. Instead, the Mobile Stair Lift provides a flexible and innovative result by easily transporting patients or workers between various building levels.

When operated, the stair climber switches between a trolley and stair climbing dolly. The operator powers the device to rotate its treads to move either up and downstairs. By firmly gripping the handlebar and pulling up the stair, the device follows and transports the person accordingly.

The Mobile Stair Lift secures a person with a safety belt during transportation and efficiently slides up and down with no patience interference. For added protection, the device is also fitted with two fold-out steering handles at the front and back of the chair, for operators to hold. Quick-release safety restraints also protect the passenger during transportation.

The Mobile Stair Lift is a cost-effective solution that will improve efficiencies, productivity and workplace reliability. It’s available in either a battery-powered or manual model. This stair climbing chair does not require pre-installed tracks or any additional components to operate. It easily supports and moves up to 160 kg in total capacity.

Learn more about our innovative Mobile Stair Lifts and find out how these devices can assist your workplace and its people.

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