Lifting made portable with Porta-Davit Cranes

Lifting heavy items, any place, any time, has now become a whole lot easier with the innovative Porta-Davit Cranes.

As a one-person ‘pick up and go’ solution, this inventive equipment can be rapidly assembled to assist with any lifting or handling requirements.

Featuring a lightweight design made out of aluminium components, these products only require a single person to operate – even when constructing the crane. Their flexibility features allow them to be easily transported in a carry bag, assembled quickly and efficiently, and access hard to reach areas.

Porta-Davit Cranes are quick to use and requires little to no maintenance. Valuable to any workplace due to their wide functionality, these devices can be transported, repositioned and set up as required to meet ever-changing user demands. The structures are not permanently in place, meaning they can effortlessly service multiple environments.

When finished in one area, simply deconstruct the Porta-Davit and move the device to the next location. It’s that simple to have a multi-purpose tool with various safety benefits and lifting capabilities.

Porta-Davit Quantum with handle


Porta-Davit Cranes suit applications where lifts are infrequent and need to be performed in many areas. The device can be used to lift anything (within capacity specifications) and is adaptable and resourceful.

Porta-Davit Cranes are available in a variety of models, including the Porta-Davit Quantum, Porta-Davit 500, Porta-Davit 1000 and the Porta-Base (versatile mounting base).

Each unit has many advantageous safety features and varies in total lifting capacities. They are able to handle loads between 500 – 1000 kg respectively, are ultra-light, rapidly deployable and are a completely integrated lifting system. Units are manufactured with an anodised finished for anti-corrosion and wear resistance.

A wide range of sockets and accessories are available to meet any lifting expectation or mounting requirements.

For more information about this versatile range, view our Porta-Davit Cranes in detail.

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