Introducing the MatHand Multilift…

A complete multi-purpose unit, the MatHand Multilift can handle and move just about anything. A new invention that’s European made, this lifting trolley is unlike any other similar device on the market. It features a unique catalogue of components that answers many varying applications, thus delivering a magnitude of solutions. Its robust construction allows it to lift loads up to 500 kg.

Its state-of-the-art lifting technology is what makes this product so innovative. The trolley is built with a ball screw mechanism that is very different to traditional materials lifters. Such devices commonly use a chain or wire rope that is prone to breaking and needing repair.  The strength of the ball screw lift allows the Multilift to operate safely and precisely. The functionality is also completely enclosed and protected within the unit, so it’s not exposed to external factors and there are no operator pinch points.

The MatHand Multilift is revolutionary!

Already making an impact on the market, we’ve sold our first unit to Hilton Foods Australia, who will use the device for loading film reels onto meat packaging machinery. The model chosen was our Multilift 80 kg option (code: ML80-000SS), provided in a Stainless Steel construction (516 mm wide with a 2000 mm lifting height).  It featured twin round arms for roll lifting and transportation. This device will ensure employees avoid manual handling risks as it will carry the burden of heavy lifting tasks.

MatHand Multilift

Our General Manager with the packaged Multilift, which is ready to be delivered to Hilton Foods Australia.


The MatHand Multilift is the perfect companion for all your materials handling needs. A selection of components, wheels, castors, attachments and grippers are available. The device is guaranteed to serve your requirements, with a lifetime warranty on its ball screw lifting system.

Learn more about the MatHand Multilift or call us directly 1300 25 84 07.

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