Introducing Flex Impact…

We’d like you to meet Flex Impact – the latest product on the market that’s guaranteed to innovate safety protection barriers.

It’s stronger, smarter and safer.   Flex Impact offers practicality and protection like no other product of its kind.

The original polymer barrier system, its modular design and flexible material, ensures it bounces back into shape – saving in damage repairs and maintenance expenses!  Stronger and durable construction, means reduced downtime, effective results and simple installation from a reliable system you can trust!

Flex Impact Pedestrian Deflection
Flex Impact Low Barrier

The Flex Impact range easily integrates with your workplace.  Not to mention, the layout of barriers can be simply customised and adapted to your layout and working environment.  Its compound build, seals and joints ensure there are no points where debris, water and dust can collect to cause havoc.  Clean barriers with a simple wipe, it’s that easy!

The principles of a safe and modular barrier system are extremely evident with this product.   If impacted by a vehicle, the design flexes, absorbs and reforms.  Barriers do not crumple or dent.  Instead they return to shape with ease/

Flex Impact takes barrier protection to a whole new level!

It delivers a fast return on investment and is the epitome of workplace health and safety. Find out more.



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