MobiCrane Mobile Jib Crane with Vacuum Lifter

Our customer approached us for handling solutions in the workplace. There were several areas that needed a lifting solution. We developed this portable lifting device so the operator can take the lifter to each workstation. This saved the customer a considerable amount of money compared to installing 3-4 static lifting devices.

MatHand REF: SO 157287 – 2019

The system we delivered to the customer is a Vaculex VL vacuum tube lifter. This lifter is fitted with a suction foot designed for handling cartons. The vacuum blower is fitted into an enclosure to minimise the noise as the operator is normally close to the vacuum pump during operation. The lifting capacity of this arrangement is 60kg.

The vacuum lifter is suspended from an Eepos carbon fibre jib crane. This is a super lightweight crane profile to create a system that is incredibly easy to operate due to the low mass of the components. The vacuum lifter provides the operator with fast control of the up and down movements. The lightweight carbon crane ensures the side-to-side movements are effortless.

VL MobiCrane PROJQ0185 GA

VL MobiCrane PROJQ0185 9

MobiCrane Mobile Jib Crane

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