Dock hoist for handling waste bins in multi-story residence

Materials Handling Pty Ltd supplied and installed a MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist into a residential complex in Sydney to assist their waste bin movements.

MatHand REF: SO 153517 – 2017

Materials Handling Pty Ltd worked together with the developer to provide a solution for this project. The customer required a lifting platform to assist with waste bin movements in and out of the basement. Multi-story residential complexes need to carefully consider their waste-handling solutions. Movements of many 240L mobile garbage bins and/or 660L or even 1100L wheelie bins are common in developments such as this. The solution needs to be user-friendly, safe and compact.

Dock hoist scissor lift 1
Dock hoist scissor lift 2
Dock hoist scissor lift 3

Dock Hoist Austwei Sydney

Dock Hoist for Waste Bin Handling

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