Steel Strapping Tools

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CRIMPERS. These three crimping tools are manufactued from formed steel with easily replaceable crimping teeth.  The 240mm handles are curved for greater leverage and the crimping bars cut into the sides of the steel to produce a crimp with stronger grip, so no seals are required. They are available for 12, 15 or 19mm widths of steel strap.

TENSIONER. Feedwheel type tensioner with unlimited take-up. Can be fed directly from the coil and used in any position. Has long 310mm cast iron handles, torsion spring loaded strap holder, steel feedwheel and gripperpms. Suitable for 12 to 19mm width blue tempered & black painted steel strapping.

Our sealess strapping tool may also interst you. It tensions, cuts and seals steel strapping without the use of seals. 


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Crimper Width 12 (0.4mm)


Crimper Width 15 (0.5mm)


Crimper Width 19 (0.6mm)


Width 12 (0.4mm) 15 (0.5mm) & 19 (0.6mm)


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