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Powered Roller Conveyors – Cleanline Lineshaft

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They may resemble a gravity roller conveyor, but that is where the similarity ends. Our Cleanline Powered Roller Conveyors are versatile, safe, silent and clean, accumulation conveyor systems, use a simple polyurethane belt to drive specially grooved rollers, from a main line shaft that has loose spools fitted. Belt tension drives the rollers and when product is stopped, banked up or when the designed torque is reached the system automatically accumulates. Want reversing? Just flick the switch. The Cleanline line shaft conveyors are ideally suited for conveying cartons, boxes, packages, drums etc.

Food Quality Conveyors
Conveyors suitable for the food industry with stainless or galvanised frames, stainless main drive shaft, poly or stainless rollers with aluminium or stainless shaft, for everyday extreme wash down situations.

The Conveyor
Pressed steel side rails, made from 3mm thick, formed channel, with holes punched at 37.5mm intervals, allowing roller placement at 75, 112 and 150mm pitch. Roller widths are 400, 500, 600 or 700 as standard with non-standard widths available on request. The 50mm diameter rollers are of 1.6mm steel tube construction. Each module is supplied complete with a drive shaft coupler. Support stands are manufactured from adjustable RHS sections.

The Drive
Gear motor drives with sprockets and chain are constant or variable speed (up to 50m/min) and supplied with safety guards, as is the drive shaft. Drive can be fitted to any module.

Switches allow the most efficient means of routing and diverting. As they are mounted in between the steel side sections, they can be mounted anywhere in the conveyor line.

For straight forward merging situations there is a range of 45° mitres. Used in conjunction with a switch they allow easy incorporation of spurs.
Cleanline options are: lift up gate sections, turntables to lift and rotate, right angle chain transfers, side guides and brakes.

A complete range of 90 and 45 degree bends with an inside radius of 915mm and incorporating tapered or twin rollers, is available for smooth and accurate transfer, of packages.

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