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Omni Directional Wheels

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Omni wheels allow multi directional, free rolling movement on conveyor, crossways, curves & transfers. They can also be set up as a turntable or bench for sideways loading or for inspection tables. Each roller contains six-barrel rollers mounted on stainless steel axles allowing easy movement in any direction. The omni rollers can be used in humid, moist, dusty or hygienic environments. Also view our Ball Transfers our Rotacaster Wheels as well as our Pop-Up Transfers.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Dia. (mm) 40
Cap. (kg) 10
Bore (mm) 8


Dia. (mm) 48
Cap. (kg) 15
Bore (mm) 8


Dia. (mm) 60
Cap. (kg) 20
Bore (mm) 8


Dia. (mm) 80
Cap. (kg) 40
Bore (mm) 12


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