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Series 2500 Counterbalanced Materials Lifter

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The Counterbalanced Materials Lifter is the perfect solution for those tricky lifting tasks. Need to access shelving or navigate near a wall?  Then this trolley and lifting combination is for you! The lifter features an innovative design, which is able to gain access to difficult areas.

With no front legs to interfere with lifting, the Counterbalanced Materials Lifter works around ground obstructions. It has an inventive lifting mechanism that provides close quarter access. That means it fits snugly alongside walls. Additionally, the lifter has an incredible reach and can access a second floor.

Built to safely handle a wide variety of products, the unit can be easily moved and transported, increasing its useability in the workplace. Four quick-access models are available with lifting capacities varying between 300-455 kg. These variations include the M2510, M2515, M2520 and the M2525.

This Counterbalanced Lifter is quick to assemble via its quick-action plunger pins.


Additional Information

Access extraordinary heights with the Series 2500 Counterbalanced Materials Lifter!

With the Counterbalanced Materials Lifter, you’re ready for action. The lift has safety winches and removable counterweights, which allow the trolley section and lifting mast to easily and quickly connect or disconnect from each other. Furthermore, the cart and mast section breakdown for easy transportation. For extra convenience, the lifter has mast roller wheels so the trolley can be loaded into a vehicle. Using the quick-action attaching plunger pins, the lifter can be assembled or disassembled as required. 

The Counterbalanced Materials Lifter is ideal for against wall applications, indoor and outdoor use and when reaching up second floors. It navigates ground obstructions and features adjustment steering. It can also move confidently through doorways.


  • No front legs on the lifter, which ensures no interference and easy lifting.
  • Easily transported to sites as the cart and mast can breakdown. Can fit in most vehicles.
  • Huge lifting capacities between 300-455 kg.
  • Perfect for installation and maintenance jobs, like hanging pipes against walls.
  • Incredible mast heights that allow tall access.
  • Side Mounted Steering handles with 2-speed winch control.
  • Mast lifting eye.
  • Adjustable base levelling screws to accommodate uneven flooring.
  • Pulleys are fully enclosed to safely retain cables.
  • Because of its hand/cart design, many applications suit the lifter.
  • Fits through doorways.

Series 2500 Counterbalance Materials Lifter Features


Material Lifter Ground Clearance Load Height (Minimum)  Max. Height
(forks standard)
Max. Height
(forks inverted)
M2510 6.4 cm 15.2 cm 2.9 m 3.6 m
M2515 6.4 cm 15.2 cm 4.3 m 4.9 m
M2520 6.4 cm 15.2 cm 5.7 m 6.4 m
M2525 6.4 cm 15.2 cm 7.1 m 7.8 m

Additional accessories are available to complete your lifter and ensure it suits your requirements. Add on a Pipe Cradle to slide over standard forks and assist in carrying pipes, a Boom Carriage ideal for glass lifting machinery and optional factory-installed, gravity actuated Safety Brakes to help hold loads into place.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Maximum Height (Forks Inverted) – 3.6 m
Load Height (minimum) – 15.2 cm
Capacity 455kg. Weight – 292.7 kg


Maximum Height (Forks Inverted) – 4.9 m
Load Height (minimum) – 15.2 cm
Capacity 360kg. Weight – 314.1 kg


Maximum Height (Forks Inverted) – 6.4 m
Load Height (minimum) – 15.2 cm
Capacity 360kg. Weight – 355.5 kg


Maximum Height (Forks Inverted) – 7.6 m
Load Height (minimum) – 15.2 cm
Capacity 300kg. Weight – 356.8 kg


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