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Car Stacker Parking & Storage Systems

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Materials Handling P/L supplies, installs & services mechanical car stackers, car elevators, auto parking lift systems & turntables for vehicle storage & display. With over 3 decades of experience in the handling and specialty storage business, we strive to meet parking space requirements with our standard car stacker models and major under-ground and above-ground & Puzzle, auto retrieval, parking systems tailored to customer requirement.  We boast our unique quality control systems and on time delivery history & excellent warranty. Our capabilities are also our ability to design and supply turn-key, fully automated parking solutions on any scale. These stackers are an efficient, safe & most effective way to multiply the number of parking areas available. The 3 & 4 high stackers can triple or quadruple the capacity of typical parking areas. They are widely used in car dealerships, car auction storage, public & commercial parking areas. With the escalating cost of real estate, these devices provide a great ROI (return on investment). Do your own sums. It will surprise! 

We an also supply customized car turntables with a variety of surface options, within the following parameters:
Diameters 1.2 to 35 metres – Speed 0.2-2 rpm – Capacities 1 to 20 tonne.

Our car stackers have structural and mechanical certification as per the requirements of AS1418.1/.8 and associated standards.

Some of the car stacking/parking/storage systems, are:

See below for individual PDF’s on Car Stacking / Parking Systems.


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