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Car Stacker Parking and Storage Systems

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Materials Handling P/L supplies, installs & services mechanical car stackers, car elevators, auto parking lift systems & turntables for vehicle storage & display. With over 3 decades of experience in the handling and specialty storage business, we strive to meet parking space requirements with our standard car stacker models and major under-ground and above-ground & Puzzle, auto retrieval, parking systems tailored to customer requirement.  Our range includes both dependant stackers (a car may have to be moved to retrieve the other) or independent stackers (provide access to both the top and bottom vehicles, allowing the top car to be retrieved without having to move other vehicles). We boast our unique quality control systems and on time delivery history & excellent warranty. Our capabilities are also our ability to design and supply turn-key, fully automated parking solutions on any scale. These stackers are an efficient, safe & most effective way to multiply the number of parking areas available. The 3 & 4 high stackers can triple or quadruple the capacity of typical parking areas. They are widely used in car dealerships, car auction storage, public & commercial parking areas. With the escalating cost of real estate, these devices provide a great ROI (return on investment). Do your own sums. It will surprise! 

We an also supply customized car turntables with a variety of surface options, within the following parameters:
Diameters 1.2 to 35 metres – Speed 0.2-2 rpm – Capacities 1 to 20 tonne.

Our car stackers have structural and mechanical certification as per the requirements of AS1418.1/.8 and associated standards.

See below for individual PDF’s on the models noted in red.

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We provide a range of systems to assist a variety of requirements in many varying workplaces. These solutions are engineered to accommodate both above and below ground installations. They include:

Two Post – Low Headroom Version
2 Tonne
Model TPTP-2

Two Post – Standard Version
2 Tonne
Model 1127

Smart Stacker – Independent 2-Car Stacker
2 Tonne
Model DFF


Four Post – Heavy-Duty Version
3 Tonne
Model 2130


Four Post – Heavy-Duty Version
3.6 Tonne
Model 2236

3 and 4 High – For multiple bay installations and vehicles
3 Tonne
Model 3130 and 3230


Puzzle Lift – Fully Automated
Above and below ground, multi-directional movement
Model BDP

Pit Lift – Underground Stacker
Model Pit Lift, 2-Level

Pit Lift – Underground Stacker
Model Pit Lift, 3-Level


Car Elevator – Floor to floor
2 tonne to 10 tonnes
Models FP-VRCE (four posts) and S-VRC (scissor)

Fully Automated
Parking towers for a small footprint parking solution
Model Puzzle Automated

Robot AGV – Automated Guided Vehicle
Car parking and retrieval system
Model PXD-YF

Vehicle Turntables
For moving cars with ease
Model CTT

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A range of supporting User Guides, Drawings and Specifications can be downloaded from the link above.

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