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Automated Guided Vehicles – AGV – For Heavy Loads

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Solving AGV Movers are designed for continuous industrial operation, for moving heavy loads, up to 160tonne, long distances and serving automated production processes. Control systems are usually fitted with a graphic PC display with an integrated memory for registering tasks and events to assist fault finding. Customised, fully-automated, driverless vehicles for continuous 24/7 operation in factories and warehouses, capable of transporting loads of up to 160 tonne.  Programmable and adaptable for future expansion. These  AGVs are based either on air flotation bearings or on wheels.

All servicing points are easily accessible and the latest computer technology advises operators of maintenance requirements. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are used for heavy load handling such as paper rolls, steel coils and in motor assembly lines. AGV systems allow an efficient and modern way of transporting heavy materials in production processes and assembly lines.


  • Integral safety systems such as bumpers, lights and emergency stops
  • Efficient and continuous operation, 24-hours a day
  • Less material-damage due to safe and precise handling
  • A clean and safe working environment
  • Unmanned operation reduces the labour costs
  • Monotonous labour can be avoided

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