A New Way of Thinking for Vacuum Handling Devices

Too often, organisations have been relying on expensive solutions to assist their lifting and handling requirements. As Workplace Health and Safety becomes a driving force in many environments, it is vital that processes are introduced to remove risks associated with manual handling tasks.

Vacuum Handling Devices and Lifters have become a widely adopted technology and their value-adding benefits are sweeping through many industries. An ergonomic and efficient method of lifting, these devices ensure that processes are streamlined and lead times are shortened. They offer a powerful alternative to manual handling tasks.

Technology, as we’ve grown to know it, is changing rapidly. New innovations are improving the worker’s control over a vacuum handling system and increasing savings with added benefits. This new type of lifting solution is emerging with the intent to change the current mindset for the better and ensure vacuum lifting processes are even easier and more reliable.

Introducing Barbaric uniWood – Vacuum Handling Devices with a difference!

Unlike conventional vacuum tube lifters, Barbaric uniWood Vacuum Handling Systems feature a new and futuristic design, with cutting-edge technology for lifting applications. Not only do these devices meet Australian Standards (AS1418 and AS4991) but they exceed expectations and have been adopted worldwide. Their compact design and lightweight construction ensures an operator has full control during all handling processes – a feature that’s been improved significantly in this modular system.

Traditional vacuum tube lifters require constant supply of electricity to operate the vacuum blower. That means, when the vacuum handling device is not in use, it is still consuming considerable power! Alternatively, as an energy-smart solution, Barbaric lifters only draw power when the device is in use. This change has improved the overall return on investment for these types of vacuum handling systems.  With Barbaric, only a fraction of the power is required.  Less power means less energy consumption and lower electricity bills!

With safety at the forefront of the design, Barbaric uniWood are a complete handling system with enhanced features and a vast range of capabilities. Featuring a variable lift speed, operators have excellent control of the work piece at all times, thus guaranteeing satisfaction and improving productivity. Traditional hoists feature two-speed lift function and the difference between each mode can cause damage to products or equipment (because of jerky system reactions).  With Barbaric uniWood, a worker can confidently control the speed and the system remains smooth, quiet and responsive.

Another unique advantage, and possibly the highlight of the Barbaric design, is its ability to lift, tilt and rotate the work piece. This functionality is near impossible on other vacuum lifting systems and very expensive – especially when trying to lift and then tilt a board off a machine bed to place in a vertical rack or A-Frame. Such a task would be cumbersome and difficult on customary systems. Barbaric lifters are specifically designed to fit the most common processes within any wood production facility.

To highlight how these systems are changing workplaces every day, take a look at the B3 uniWood in comparison to a vacuum tube lifter. For a business looking to improve their handling processes, instead of opting for the old style vacuum system, the uniWood offers an alternative quiet, economical and safe solution. It costs less than a traditional system, product quality is still maintained and loose woodwork dust is not spread around the workshop due to an overload of exhaust air.  Alternatively, other options are available to handle smaller tasks, like the B1 uniWood Mini. This device has been designed specifically for handling work pieces in/out of the edge band machine. Barbaric uniWood Lifters continue to optimise workflow in a practical and cost-effective way.

The uniWood lifting range is an easy solution that offers state-of the art technology, innovative safety features and smooth operation. Barbaric is changing the industry as we know it.  With a range of dynamic glass and panel handling solutions on offer, these systems are introducing a new way of thinking, especially in terms of lifting. They are out-performing other conventional systems we’ve grown comfortable with.

Learn more about Barbaric uniWood Lifters as a solution for your organisation. 
A New Way of Thinking for Vacuum Handling Devices

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