Vinnies Christmas Appeal 2018

Christmas is a time for family and celebrations. It’s a time to create meaningful memories and successfully bring people together during a cherished holiday season. For some families, however, it’s hard to feel joy when living conditions are unaffordable. Of the 3 million Australians who are living below poverty, approximately 731 000 of them are children.

Despite the sentimental value Christmas can bring, for some families, it’s hard to feel the joy at a time of need. Enter the St Vincent de Paul Society and their Vinnies Christmas Appeal.  As a charity that is committed to giving to those who truly need help, the St Vinnies troupes offer a range of initiatives to fight against poverty and inequality.

Each year, the charity works to shape a more compassionate society and assist many members of the community. Their Christmas Appeal is supported by many philanthropists with efforts spread nationwide. Last year in Brisbane, Queensland, more than 2,700 people in need were given hope and a more joyful Christmas. Donations are widely appreciated as far too many people face a Christmas without much cheer.

As such, Materials Handling was proud to donate to the cause once again.  For over 5 years, we’ve supported the charity and its efforts, by gifting presents to young children.  Making for a memorable Christmas Day, we purchased several bicycles, complete with helmets, for kids aged 11-years-old and under to enjoy.  These presents will be assembled and gifted on Christmas morning by the Greenslopes Private Hospital division of the charity.  The hospital helps facilitate the delivery of many donations.  They assist the charity with several of their Christmas efforts.

Your gift can change lives as well.  Through support and acts of kindness, families can have the Christmas they deserve.  If you’d like to contribute to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal, visit, phone 131812 or visit any local Vinnies Shop.

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