ResMed Breathes into Safety

ResMed is renowned for manufacturing medical equipment which treats respiratory disorders. To ensure they maintain their reputation amongst their industry, they sought out to improve their workplace safety procedures.

During a visit to the ResMed site, a lifting and handling issue was identified.  Employees were compromising their safety by exposing themselves to injuries through lifting and moving of boxes.  These strenuous and physical movements posed potential hazards.  Movement was from pallets to workstation and where boxes needed to be unloaded was some distance from where they were received.

After discussions with ResMed, Materials Handling identified that a device needed to be installed to remove such potential risks to employees.  The device required had to be light and easy to operate with minimal manual input.  The best product for the job was the Econolifter MPVP80.

The MPVP80 was light and easy to push.  The unit is battery operated so no pumping of any foot pedal is required.  The product is also able to be positioned at any of the varying heights of the boxes.  The box is simply slid onto the platform of the MPVP80 as the pallets are loaded three or four high (approximately 1400mm high).  The unit complete with loaded boxes, can then be wheeled to the work station, lowered to a suitable height and opened or positioned to a suitable level.  This allows the operator to have the contents of the box at their fingertips, without exhausting physical energy.  As contents is removed, the boxes can be repositioned by remote to a different desired level.

The Econolifter MPVP80 was installed, with completion in January 2013.  It suited ResMed’s needs to eliminate lifting and positioning of loads during the manufacturing process. Materials Handling supplied a unit free of charge to ResMed for a trial period.  ResMed were overwhelmed by the MPVP80 and its ease of use, that they purchased a lucky thirteen units and are looking at having more supplied.

ResMed Medical Equipment Breathes into Safety

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