Lifting to new levels with QASP

Materials Handling has successfully supplied the Queensland Animal Science Precinct (QASP) with a MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist to assist their manual handling activities.

MatHand REF: SO 156286 – 2018

As an organisation that assists with training, teaching, validation and commercialisation of focused research and development, Queensland Animal Science Precinct (QASP) is vital to animal industries within the state.

Installed in late-February 2019, the MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist has increased productivity, improved worker abilities and allowed items to be moved safely between levels. For QASP, this meant that their heavy wheelie bins could be loaded onto the lift platform and raised easily between different levels of the loading dock.

Commonly, 120-litre bins were being emptied on a regular basis and were full of animal products from QASP’s surgery rooms, laboratories and chiller rooms. The organisation stored this waste until a specified collection company attended the site. Workers had the strenuous responsibility of transporting full wheelie bins from their storage points to the dock, ready for disposal.

QASP previously performed such duties by unsafely lifting heavy wheelie bins.  Bins were handled by employees between the upper and lower dock level, which consequently, exposed them to strains and other associated risks. Because of the large danger associated with this, the company were invested to improve their Occupational Health and Safety processes.

QASP Case Study - MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist

Before the installation of the MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist.

After connecting with Materials Handling, our sales representatives visited QASP’s site to discuss their requirements and suggest potential solutions. Based in Gatton, Queensland, QASP is a ‘unique world-class research facility’ and are a department apart of the University of Queensland. Providing some detailed recommendations, we were able to offer the MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist as a solution, customising it the specific requirements of QASP (to include handrails and an aluminium ramp).

QASP Case Study - MatHand Dock Scissor Hoists

MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist at QASP loading dock.

QASP Case Study - MatHand Dock Scissor Hoists

MatHand Dock Scissor Hoist at QASP loading dock.

Our solution has ensured the company continues operating with their best practices at the forefront – and by creating a safe handling process for its employees.

Learn more about our MatHand Dock Scissor Hoists as a great manual handling solution.

Dock Hoist UniQld Gatton

Lifting to new levels with QASP

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