Providing Power to a Construction Company

Materials Handling Pty Ltd recently delivered this new trolley to a contractor within the construction industry.

The organisation, which performs many building and tiling activities, needed a solution to moving materials across a long distance.  Their working site rules even stipulated that laden trolleys were not allowed to be manually pushed up ramps.

Therefore, the construction company needed a powered trolley that was narrow enough to navigate through standard doorways, but also strong enough to support a capacity of up to 450kg.   As a result, Materials Handling Pty Ltd came to the rescue and provided a customised manual handling solution.

As pictured, the Rubbermaid B4486 Side Panel Platform Truck is a great product that features many safety benefits and a robust design.  This product is perfect for securely moving packages and materials across a distance, whilst the operator exerts minimal effort. It also features a textured deck surface to reduce slipping and a caged enclosure to reduce spillages. The construction company received this unit with a Battery Powered Motor Drive.  Needless to say, they were very happy with the end result.

Providing Power to a Construction Company

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