Lifting bottles into place for Birch and Waite

Materials Handling Pty Ltd was approached by Birch and Waite to assist them with a handling issue in their filling line.  Such a problem occurred when lifting and placing two types of bottles into cartons.  These types included a 2 litre bottle with a handle and a screw type jar.

Birch and Waite wanted to increase their lifting capacity to reduce time taken to load their products.  It was evident that employees could potentially injure themselves when lifting and carrying the heavy bottles continuously.  Materials Handling Pty Ltd had to overcome these challenges by designing an end tool that would allow lifting of both types of bottles with a Vacuum Tube Lifter.

Materials Handling Pty Ltd designed two tools for the application.  Both were suspended from a Microlex 100/802 Vacuum Tube Lifter.  The tools incorporated theVaculex quick release tool changeover which requires no spanners and can be switched over within seconds. For the bottles, the tool was designed as a dead end tool.  It utilised a custom frame that linked three bottles together.  No mechanical aid was required to attach or release the bottles as the tool lifted the bottles via the handle.

Materials Handling Pty Ltd also designed a three pad vacuum foot that suited the lid of the screw type jar bottle.  This also incorporated a quick release change over attachment and jars were lifted via lids for placement into cartons.  A vacuum was used for attachment and placement into cartons. Once again, Materials Handling Pty Ltd found the right solution for the job and decreased hazards around the workplace.

Lifting bottles into place for Birch and Waiter

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