Jib placement for welding brings Joy

Materials Handling Pty Ltd was approached by Joy Mining to assist with a handling issue.

The issue was within their welding bay, where components were lifted to the welding jib.  Difficulty arose in its ability to grab steel blocks and load them onto the jig.  The weight and off centre loading put operators at risk of shoulder and back injuries as a pin was required and needed to be inserted into a hold piece of the jig.  This strenuous task almost required three hands to perform and this increased potential hazards for workers.

The main challenges that Materials Handling Pty Ltd had to overcome was the off centre loads of steel blocks, the variations in weight and the operators difficulty when lining up the jig to insert the pin. Due to the design of the steel blocks, a gripper style tool was deemed unsuitable.  In discussion with operators, they advised that they needed the ability to lift and manoeuvre parts into place, whilst having one hand free to tilt the block.

Materials Handling Pty Ltd performed a test with a small compact magnet and found it attached to the block and located the centre of balance on the load.  This was then complimented by a lightweight workstation jib crane and a BINAR Intelligent Lift Device.  The crane provided a 6 metre radius work area.  Due to its low mass, it also reduced the effort required for an operator to move the crane.  This made the process seamless.

The BINAR Intelligent Lift Device provided a zero lift and if the user was to lift 25 kilograms, only 20 grams of input was required.  The BINAR Lift Device also allowed for easy programming to set limit positions.  It also further benefited operators as it tuned to the tool weight and load weight.  Materials Handling Pty Ltd once again found a solution to a complicated problem and consequentially reduced risks of injuries to employees.

Jib placement for welding brings Joy

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