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Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter

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The Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter handles mail and laundry sacks with ease!

A unique and ergonomic lifting aid, the Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter has been specially designed for handling heavy bags or sacks. Ideal for customers that work within laundries and postal industries, but it doesn’t stop there!

The lifter not only lifts the fully loaded sack, it also assists with emptying the contents. The operator pulls the cord and the lifter raises the loaded sack onto the workbench. The operator opens the sack and again pulls the cord. The TL lifter pulls the sack from under the contents like pulling the tablecloth from beneath a dinner setting, hey presto!

  • Incredibly Ergonomic
  • Quick to learn and easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Reduces the risk of injuries and strains
  • Low investment cost
  • Low service cost

Additional Information

Reduces injuries and strains

Repetitive lifting is demanding on the body and incorrect technique can cause injury. Investing in a Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter not only reduces risk of injury, but it also improves quality of work, productivity, efficiency. Improve your working environment, by making it safe and attract quality employees. The Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter reduces muscular skeletal injuries, by performing lifting tasks with ease. Take a look!

Wise Investment

The Vaculex TL is incredibly user-friendly and easy to operate. Minimal training is required and the unit is very easily managed. A number of organisations have increased their productivity as a result of investing in this product. It is a wise investment where manual handling heavy objects is an issue. Vaculex Vacuum Tube Lifters address a number of issues to remove potential materials handling hazards. With a focus on ergonomics and safety, the Vaculex TL makes everyday task incredibly easy to do.

Ideal Users

Perfect for companies where repetitive lifting is an issue and manual handling operations need to be controlled. Ideal for workplaces that need to manoeuvre heavy sacks – think laundries, postal services and other industries with similar tasks.

Vaculex TL in operation at Australia Post

Vaculex TL - handling loose loaded sacks


User Guide – how do you use the Vaculex TL?

It’s super easy and simple to use the Vaculex TL. Follow our step by step guide below.

Vaculex TL - Step 1: Make a loop Vaculex TL - Step 2: Tighten Loop Vaculex TL - Step 3: Lift Sack Vaculex TL - Step 4: Lower Sack
Step 1: Make a loop

Make a loop by feeding the string in through the black holder of the Vaculex TL device.

Step 2: Tighten Loop

Hold up one corner (of sack) and put the loop around it. Use the black holder to tighten the loop.

Step 3: Lift sack

Pull on/off control to lift sack. If sack needs emptying, lift sack upside down, with opening facing down.

Step 4: Lower Sack

Pull on the on/off control once more to lower sack. The speed of vertical movement can be adjusted.


Technical Data

Technical Data Vaculex TL Technical Data - Vaculex TL
Lift Unit Lift Tube Length 2,5 m 3 m 4 m
Total length (excluding rope sling) not contracted 2700 mm 3200 mm 4200 mm
Total length (excluding rope sling) contracted 980 mm 1120 mm 1410 mm
Vertical movement (lift stroke) 1720 mm 2080 mm 2790 mm
Weight complete (with compressed air driven vacuum pump) 5.1 kg 5.5 kg 6.3 kg
Lift capacity, L100 pump, Lift tube Ø 100 mm 0-35 kg 0-35 kg 0-35 kg
Lift capacity, L150 pump, Lift tube Ø 120 mm 0-50 kg 0-50 kg 0-50 kg
Lift tube diameter 100 and 120 mm 100 and 120 mm 100 and 120 mm
Compressed air driven vacuum pump (venturi/ejector) Vaculex L100 Vaculex L150
Working air pressure 6 bar 6 bar
Air consumption where pump is running 50% of the time 210 litre/minute at 6 bar 315 litre/minute at 6 bar
Sound level 1 meter from vacuum pump 60 dBA 60 dBA


Want to know more about the Vaculex TL?

For more information regarding the Vaculex TL Vacuum Tube Lifter, visit the Vaculex website. Alternatively, you can find more of our Vaculex products here.


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