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VacuBoy Vario Flexible Lifter

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The VacuBoy Vario is a versatile and adaptable vacuum lifter. It can handle items in both the horizontal and vertical plane. It securely handles metal plates, chequer plates, glass panes, stone slabs, laminated boards and many more items. The beauty of this product is that it handles heavy objects with ease and does not cause any damage to the work piece. It is controlled by one operator via the vacuum release valve with safety locking latch.

This device is an ideal solution for vacuum handling components horizontally, vertically and/or tilting through horizontal through to vertical. The operator has control of the angle of the work piece by placing the suction cups according to the motion required. By placing the suction cups in the centre of the sheet, the product remains horizontal. If the suction cups are placed to one side of the sheet the product will naturally tilt as the hoist lifts the device. This provides a safe and controlled handling solution that is super versatile and very effective!

Additional Information

This device features an integrated vacuum reservoir tank and audible safety system. Its adaptable suction plates can be shut-off individually for more flexibility. The VacuBoy vacuum pump is low maintenance and provides a high level of security. This machine meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS4991-2004 Lifting Devices.

Options Available:

  • Visual warning system
  • Increased vacuum pump capacity
  • Variable length main beam
  • Battery powered, mains electric, compressed air operation
  • Water separator for wet work pieces

VacuBoy Vario


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