IBC Intermediate Bulk Containers

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These bins are regular duty for transport non-dangerous liquids. They are available in 3 versions: IBCs, cylindrical & utility types.

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are Australian pallet size, stackable 4 high with a 300mm screw cap + O ring seal. They have a recessed corner outlet position with a 50mm polypropylene ball valve & are available in 1000 & 1500litre.

Cylindrical  Tanks are impact-resistant, linear polyethylene construction, with a 350mm hinged lid & a 50mm polypropylene ball valve. They are 400 or 1000 litres and are optionally available with a white food-grade lining.

Utility Tanks make light work of liquid transport. Designed to allow easy installation in most utilities and trailers. They are quick filling and suitable for all types of water chlorine-based cleaning solutions feed supplements fertilisers and pesticides. They are 400 or 1000 litres.

1000-litre IBC container is manufactured from robust, UV-protected, virgin high-density polyethylene, protected and encased in a strong galvanised steel tube cage. Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 1160mm (L x W x H) & it weighs only 59Kgs.The bottle is food grade, with optional food grade seals on the screw cap & the butterfly valve. Supplied with a 150mm filling opening, an HD polyethylene closure lid and an HD, polyethylene butterfly valve. Full units can stack 4 high as long as the specific gravity is no more than 1.9. The numbers that fit into an ISO container: are 18 units (6 metres), and 42 units (12 metres). The units will still be intact after a 1900mm drop test. i.e. the bottle will not burst but the cage may be damaged.

Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Bulki Box 1000 L Complete with Standard Fittings & Frame
ISO pallet size

SE1123 $4,144.00

Bulki Box 1800 L Complete with Standard Fittings and Frame

SE1770A $11,151.00

Bulki Box 1000 L Complete with Standard Fittings & Frame

SE445 $4,144.00

Bulki Box 1500 L Complete with Standard Fittings & Frame

SE469 $5,855.00

Fire Fighting / Utility Tank 400 L

SE376 $609.00

Utility Tank 1000L

SE538 $1,289.00

Liquid Transport Tank 1000L

SE75 $3,663.00

Liquid Transport Tank 450L

SE76 $2,754.00

1000L IBC


1500L IBC


1000L IBC container
1200 x 1000 x 1160mm (L x W x H)


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