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Transport Terminal Conveyors

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Baggage Conveyors. Our range consists of:

Check in & weighing conveyors:

These systems are normally manufactured with polished stainless steel trim so that they look good & are scratch resistant. They also need to be fast, efficient & reliable. Can be fitted with an integrated baggage weighing system when required.
Transport conveyors: The traveller does not normally see these conveyors, but they perform the important task of merging metering & transporting the baggage from check in to vehicle & from vehicle to the claim conveyor.
Claim Conveyors: These are available in a few versions:

  • An inclined, overlapping slat carousel, conveyor for large volume requirements.
  • A crescent loop conveyor offers a flat surface that can be installed as low as 300m.
  • An overlapping slat conveyor that is able to operate through inclined areas.
  • All claim conveyors include polished stainless trim, for public areas.

Every traveller knows what baggage conveyors look like, but they do not understand what goes into making sure that they work reliably & look good. We know exactly what is needed. From concept and design through to construction, implementation & maintenance, we can provide a baggage handling solution to meet customer requirements. They are ideal in airports, ferry terminals, large bus terminals, resorts & even postal distribution centres & large laundries, for handling sacks. Baggage handling conveyors must treat the product with respect & prevent damage.


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