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Stationary Pallet Changer

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This stationary pallet exchange unit is an inexpensive and laboursaving way for transferring goods from timber to plastic pallets. When used together with a load-push attachment on a forklift, stock that was originally stored on wooden pallets can be transported without any load carrier. Using a push-pull accessory instead of load pusher, it is also able to transfer goods on slip sheets.
The static pallet changer is ideal for businesses where products (i.e. liquids) are unable to be inverted due to difficulties with validation or where goods are packed in delicate packaging materials.
The stationary pallet exchange unit provides optimal service within receiving areas where inbound goods can quickly be transferred to captive pallets (typically plastic or aluminium construction) and timber pallets can then be quarantined from the rest of the facility for sanitary reasons, (i.e. food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.).
The pallet exchanger circumvents manual handling, while greatly reducing operational costs and the risk of injury to employees.


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Transfers goods from one pallet to another


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