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Series 2000 Materials Lifter

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The Series 2000 Materials Lifter is a compact lifting device, designed to move heavy materials and improve productivity. It features a short collapsed mast with a superior cabling system that easily accesses high lifting heights. The lifter is robust and can be used for transporting steel beams and continuous lifting applications.

With a short collapsed mast, this unit can travel through doorways without tipping. It even fits nicely into small vehicles and has a small storage space. For users, it’s fast and reliable. The Series 2000 Materials Lifter is equipped with flip-out stabiliser legs, reversible forks, lockable castors, a load bar that is perfect for overhead cranes and roller wheels that assist the unit into trucks or vans.

Optional extras are available to customise the lifter to your specific requirements.



Additional Information

A great solution manual handling!

Built for heavy materials and continuous work, the Series 2000 Materials Lifter easily handles a range of tasks. The device easily fits through doorways and can navigate rough terrains. With fast-action stabiliser legs, the lifter can fold down quickly and be transported to site in a truck or van and has roller wheels to assist with this. Additionally, a highly reliable winch feeds the cable evenly on the drum to avoid cable flats. Handles are also removable when not in use.

Standard Features:

  • Lifts up to 455 kg (maximum load capacity).
  • Extends and lifts to 3.5 m, 4.9 m, and 7.7 m.
  • Fits through standard doorways.
  • Loading bar assists overhead cranes.
  • Reversible forks for added lifting height. Forks remove and reverse easily, using plunger pins.
  • Mast hold-down secures mast for safe transport.
  • Highly reliable, single-speed winch, which uses idler roller to feed cable evenly on the drum to avoid cable flats. Handles are removable when not in use.
  • Inside-Mast Cable Feed that feeds inside the mast, removing any exposed cable from near the operator’s face.
  • Fast action stabiliser legs are mounted on base top. The legs fold down with ease and lock into place.
  • Pulley guards ensure the load cannot come off.
  • Lockable 5″ casters that prevent the device from rolling.
  • Rough Terrain 10″ Wheels with a hard tread urethane.
  • Roller wheels to help roll the lifter into trucks or vans.
  • Handles are removable when not in use.
  • No tools required and no loose hardware affecting the device.
  • Variety of attachments available.

Features Series 2000 Materials Lifter

Customise your lifter with some optional extras, like Fork Extensions, Boom Carriage or Pipe Cradle. Selecting Fork Extensions introduces push-button operation, where the forks can be extended from 71-106 cm. Boom Carriages are ideal for installing pipe or other lifting applications and attach with four plunger pins. They have 100 cm reach and five hooking options. Finally, the pipe cradle is great for duct pip or other HVAC applications and slides over the standard forks.

Options Series 2000 Materials Lifter


Model Max. Height (m) Lifting Capacity (kg) Lift Weight (kg) Shipping Weight (kg)
M2010 3.5 455 85.5 104.4
M2015 4.9 360 127.3 143.2
M2025 7.7 300 195.5 211.4

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Series 2000 Materials Lifter
400kg capacity
3200mm lift height


Series 2000 Materials Lifter
400kg capacity
4600mm lift height


Series 2000 Materials Lifter
400kg capacity
7500mm lift height


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