Safety Path System

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In the event of a fire, or a general blackout, how long would it take you to safely exit the building? Finding the nearest exit would be your main concern. How would you evacuate safely as the smoke is getting thicker, leaving you and your fellow work mates in total darkness?
New technology in building evacuation systems developed in Australia is now available. A glow in the dark photoluminescent building evacuation system that can be seen in total darkness and in smoked filled conditions by the naked eye. With no mains or battery power required, safety paths energise via natural or artificial light and can provide enough visible light for up to 10 hours before requiring a recharge. (General performance between 2 – 10 hours)

Supported by Occupational Health and Safety experts; safety paths are designed to improve the effectiveness of evacuation and exit routes in all buildings. A non-toxic, cost effective alternative to traditional exit signage and safety route pathways. Make it the utmost importance to improve the safety in your home, factory, school, hospital or building and install the Safety Path System. Be secure in the knowledge that you have the highest standard of evacuation procedure in place.
Product Range
* Signage (EXIT directional, hazard, identification and more)
* Paint (in a number of colours)
* Stair-nosing
* Hand-rail
* Warning tapes (normal or anti-slip)
* Protective bumper guards
* Plastic chains
* Steel plates for gratings
* Inserts for gratings
* Safety clothing/Vests
* Armbands


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