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Quikstak Auto Stacker

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Our Quikstak Auto Stacker range lets you lift and lower pallets with ease, for fast unloading and loading of products. Making transfers quick and easy, these devices are ergonomically designed to reach required working heights, all whilst reduce bending and manual handling strains.

There is nothing like the Quikstak! One of its most unique features is the optional ‘magic-eye’ technology, whereby an infra-red sensor automatically adjusts the working height. Built with a galvanised finish, the device can be powered drive or manually pushed around the work space depending on your requirements.

Additional Information

An intuitive product that can work on its own!

 One of the best features of the Quikstak is its safety infra-red height sensor.

This unique contribution automatically moves the pallet to an ideal working height whilst an operator unloads/loads products. There’s no operator action required as the device is completely automatic – making it extremely comfortable and helpful for its users.

When the infra-red sensor is switched off, the stacker reverts to its standard pallet stacker mode.

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