Orbital Stretch Wrapper

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Our MatHand Orbital Stretch Wrapper is a great packaging solution ideal for bundling long items – such as pipes, mouldings, extrusions, bars, tubes, blinds, garden stakes and other similar products. It utilises stretch film to secure and wrap pieces.

An easy-to-use device, the MatHand Orbital Stretch Wrapper performs a variety of functions to assist with your packaging requirements. As an item is moved through its wrapping ring, LDPE (low density polythene) film is spiralled tightly around objects; securing loose items together and protecting them from external elements like moisture, soiling or potential damage risks like scratching.

The MatHand Orbital Strech Wrapper features entry and exit rollers, adjustable film tension and foot pedal operation. The unit can efficiently wrap up to 200 m / per minute, with maximum pack sizes of 470 mm (dia.), 340 mm (square), 470 mm (diag.) and unlimited lengths. It works on 240 V power and has a safety foot switch mechanism that allows wrapping to start and stop as required. Model PVHOW50 continues wrapping while the pedal is pressed.

Additional Information

An economy Orbital Stretch Wrapper that performs extensive packaging duties!

The MatHand Orbital Stretch Wrapper uses LDPE stretch film. Available for purchase, it is sold in carton lots of 12 rolls. The film is 100 mm (wide) x 1000 m (long) with 23 um thickness and a 38 mm I.D core.

Specifications of the MatHand Orbital Stretch Wrapper (Code: PVHOW50): 

  • Rotation Speed – up to 200 m / min
  • Maximum Diagonal – 470 mm
  • Maximum Round – 470 mm
  • Maximum Square – 340 mm
  • Power Supply – 240 V (60 Hz, single Phase)
  • Air Supply Bar – Not Required
  • Film Type – LDPE
  • Film Width – 100 mm
  • Film Thickness – 17 to 30 micron.
  • Film Roll Diameter (Inner Core) – 38 / 178 mm
  • Film Roll Diameter (Outer Core) – 38 / 178 mm
  • Machine Size – 795 x 825 x 1500 mm
  • Machine Weight – 150 kg
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Product Variations

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Orbital Stretch Wrapper


LDPE Film for Orbital Wrapper PVHOW50
100mmx1000mx23um 38mm I.D. core


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