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Mixer Kits – Open Drum Tank High Viscosity 1000L

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For vats to 1000 Litres and 20, 60 and 205 Litre drums.  High shear mixing and eddy wave stirring.  For ten and up to 1000 Litre containers.  For all types and qualities of liquids.  Over a wide range of viscosities.  In bung sealed and open drums/containers.  With hand-held or stand mounted drives.  For blending additives into a base.  Reconditioning of stratified compounds.  Breaking up settled/sedimented materials.  The dilution of liquid concentrates.  Maintaining particles in suspension.  Stirring thixotropic gels into liquid.


Product Variations

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Open drum tank high viscosity with air drive to 1000L. Zinc plated


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