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Material Lifter MML150

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Perfect for lifting and transporting heavy loads, the Material Lifter MML150 is a robust handling aid that removes any potential manual strains or injuries. This trolley can lift heavy loads and lift them to more manageable heights.

Featuring a modern and practical construction, this materials lifter has been designed to enhance the productivity in a workplace whilst reducing manual handling and lifting risks. It sets the benchmark for trolleys of a similar nature and leads the way in innovation.


Additional Information

The Material Lifter MML150 is made entirely out of aluminium. Its engineered design ensures the unit is strong and long-lasting. The need for frames, joints and additional parts is not required. The unit also has a unique silent switch that locks the load at a desired height, when the handle is released by the operator. The trolley remains perpendicular to the mast and rollers, ensuring correct distribution of weight when lifting heavy loads.

A range of key features to have you moving and lifting with ease!

The trolley is really a stand out from some of its competitors. Not only does it transport and lift heavy loads, but the unit folds down in seconds, becoming a compact device that’s ready for transportation. It can unfold just as quickly as well.

The unit features a range of accessories to handle different materials and lifting tasks. Some include:

  • Tray for general lifting
  • Forks for small pallets, boxes and other loads
  • Gas cylinder kit – for handling gas bottles

It’s the epitome of safety as a steel cable runs inside the mast to prevent pinch points. Its 10-inch, puncture-proof wheels also make the trolley lightweight and easy to move. The Material Lifter MML150 is ideal for building and construction sites, warehouses, distribution centres, facilities and for applications where loads need to be moved over distances, as well as lifted to a desired height.

Incredibly easy to use! Watch the Material Lifter MML150 in practice…





Technical Data and Specifications

  • Lifting height – 1050 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity:
    • Forks – 150 kg
    • Tray – 120 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Operating – 71 x 50 x 132 cm
    • Folded – 30 x 50 x 132 cm
  • Total unit weight – 20 kg

Features in a glance:

  • Easy to transport – foldable design
  • Range of attachments available for different lifting requirements
  • Patented, silent winch – locks load at any height
  • Aluminium robust design
  • Solid, puncture-proof wheels for smooth transport
  • Steel cable inside mast to prevent pinch points
  • Great strength to weight ratio

Material Lifter MML150 with platform attachment

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Material Lifter with platform


Fork Attachment
590 x 370mm


Gas Bottle Attachment


Tray Attachment
420 x 360mm


Large Tray Attachment
450 x 420mm


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