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Castors Industrial Very Heavy Duty – V Series – FALLSHAW

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Our Very Heavy Duty V Series Castors support 2000-2450 kg units including tow trailers, heavy cargo trucks, heavy maintenance platforms and jigs.

Very heavy industrial use up to 4,800kg (4.8 tonne per set of 4). This range has been developed for the severe conditions in power towing, where impact loads are encountered as well as static loads – towing speeds up to 10kph. The swivel assembly is made up of CNC turned race ways made from high tensile steel and heat treated for greater toughness. These wheels are fitted with high capacity, ‘deep groove’ precision ball bearings. The bearings are shielded to resist dust and moisture whilst retaining grease. Maintenance free under normal working conditions. When fully loaded these castors should be towed, and NOT hand pushed.

Choosing the right castor:

  • Firstly select the wheel code, eg AVUQ200
  • Then the castor frame from one of the next two columns, eg AVUQ200/VTPN
  • Wheels use a 1″ axle bush reducing to a 3/4″ axle.

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