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Convex Mirrors – Industrial Quality

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MB Series Industrial Quality Mirrors
A strong industrial wide-angle mirror designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Features impact-resistant acrylic face, weather-proof back and security capped fittings. Four bolts attach to any flat surface, or optional post mounting kit available. Easily fixed to walls, column or machinery. Fully adjustable to any angle, ideal for demanding environments – factories, warehouses, car parks, schools etc. Optional 50mm, 60mm or 75mm mounting kits available.

Convex Safety Mirrors
* Prevent accidents from occurring
* Deter thieves and vandals
* Protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles
* Safeguard your workplace
The size of the mirror you need mainly depends upon the distances involved and the need for detail in the reflected image. Estimate the distance from the viewer to the mirror and from the mirror to the area or point to be observed. Add the two, and use the chart (pictured left) as an approximate guide. If in doubt, choose the larger size.

Cheap Convex Mirrors
Like everything in the market there are bargains to be had; but if it’s cheap – there’s usually a very good reason! Whoever you decide to purchase your next convex mirror from, make sure you know what you’re actually getting for your dollar. Cheap priced mirrors often have overly deep curvatures creating poor image & definition. If you can’t see clearly or the image is too small, there is not much point in buying it in the first place!  Flimsy framing and hardware simply will not withstand the pressures of time.  Then again, some materials maybe recycled or not 1st grade which can lead to premature failure.  These ‘bargain’ mirrors are usually sold through outlets which deal in ‘anything and everything’. Check them out and then compare them with properly built and designed mirrors from Materials Handling P/L. The choice is yours…..

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Outdoor convex mirror with wall bracket


300mm round


650 x 500mm rectangular


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