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Castors Industrial Light – J Series – FALLSHAW

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Our Industrial Light J Series Castors are ideal for units between 150-300 kg, including  warehouse trolleys, mobile racks and display equipment.

More rugged than the D series (thicker material and bigger raceways) so can be used where trolleys will get heavier treatment. They can take higher impact loads on rougher ground, gutters, etc. All wheels use a 10mm axle. Plain bearing wheels use an axle bush reducing to 10mm.

The J series is the heaviest ‘pressed’ castor in the Fallshaw range. It comes with a good selection of different wheel types to suit most floors. Total Brake – A stainless steel spring with red pedal is used to firmly lock the swivel races in place and brake the wheel, giving a stable work surface wherever it is needed.

Choosing the right castor:

  • Firstly select the wheel code, eg AONN100
  • Add threadguards, eg AONN100G (if required)
  • Then the castor frame from one of the next three columns, eg AONN100G/JZP
  • Brake? Select TB from the final column, eg AONN100G/JZPTB (not available on fixed)

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