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Industrial Lifting Manipulator Arms

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Ergonomic, electric handling systems for all kinds of material up to 150 kg.

When it is necessary to handle an object with care and not only lift it, but orientate it as well, one of the best solutions is a BALAMAN LIFTING MANIPULATOR ARM. With an appropriate end effector it provides safe, secure, minimal effort for operators.


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Balaman Intelligent Electric Industrial Lifting Manipulator Arm

These electric handling manipulators incorporate the intelligence of a Robot, with the simplicity and easy operation of a Balance Loader. You can teach the device and the end effector to stop, start and orientate at the selected set points and take away the guesswork and potential operator error. There are up to 16 easy, push button settings.

By connecting to a laptop the operating parameters like operating speed, acceleration/deceleration motor torque etc. can be easily set, the working conditions can be monitored and there is a troubleshooting display.

There are three capacities 50, 75 and 150 kg.

Code BMIS Intelligent manipulator
Code BMISCL Intelligent manipulator for clean rooms

All of our industrial manipulators are available either as Mobile, Static and Forkliftable Base Floor or Ceiling mount versions.

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