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Castors Industrial Heavy Duty – H Series – FALLSHAW

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Our Heavy Duty H Series Castors support 400-600 kg individually and are ideal for factory equipment, outdoor concrete/tarmac, hospitals and heavier catering ‘trolleys.

With a wide range of tyre types, the ‘H’ series covers most heavier institutional and industrial applications up to 1800kg (per set of 4). Forks consist of cold formed steel plate main raceways. Two full rows of balls are used and a rugged kingpin. The legs are deeply formed for extra strength. Grease nipples, if specified at time of ordering, can be fitted to the castor main raceway and/or the wheel hub. These units are zinc plated.Total Brakes allow for both the swivel and wheel to be securely locked, and are strongly recommended to fix the trolley firmly either if it is to be worked on, or left on a sloped floor. Directional Locks allow one castor (at the front of the trolley) to be fixed so it is easier to steer the trolley.

Fixed castors on the front of a trolley make it easier to steer. Swivel and fixed castor plates have the same mounting dimensions. Always ensure trolley base is strong enough to withstand strains. Never skimp on the mounting base. Never mount by 3 bolts only.

These wheels are available in blue high resilence (hi-res) rubber, grey rubber, cast iron, hard nylon or polyurethane (PU), with a 20mm bore diameter, reduced to 12.7mm with an axle bush.

Choosing the right castor:

  • Firstly select the wheel code, eg AHNA150 – if required, add threadguards (where available *), eg AHNA150G
  • Then the castor frame from one of the next four columns, eg AHNA150G/AHZP
  • Brake or directional lock? Select TB or DL from final columns, eg AHNA150G/AHZPTB (not available on fixed)

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