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Convex Mirrors – Heavy Duty Outdoor

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For the best results in safety, look no further than our Convex Mirrors! These amazing mirrors can stop accidents from occurring in tight parking lots, give employers added views of their premises, act as a guide in distribution depots, stop thieves in their tracks and protect pedestrians.

The MX Series of Heavy Duty Convex Mirrors offers a range of tough weatherproof mirrors that are best suited to outdoor applications. They are extremely durable as they are constructed with an impact resistant acrylic. Orange visors make them highly visible throughout all periods of the day and each mirror comes with theft resistant caps.

When installing, the Convex Mirror will easily clamp onto 75mm diameter posts or onto smaller optional inserts. The posts mentioned are an optional extra. The size of the Convex Mirror will depend on the distance needed to be reflected. When in doubt, larger sizes are always ideal as they give you a bigger scope.

We guarantee are Convex Safety Mirrors are of high quality and are long-lasting. Many of our competitors compromise safety by supplying cheap mirrors with poor curvatures, image and definition. Materials Handling complies with many safety standards to deliver you properly built and designed mirrors that do the job right.

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Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Shape Round
Diameter (mm) 1200


Convex Mirror 1000mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 450mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 600mm Outdoor


Convex Mirror 800mm Outdoor


Wall Mount Bracket to suit Convex Mirrors


Wall Mount Bracket to suit MC800OD & MC1000OD


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