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HAKO-Industrial Sweepers

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Extremely economical, easy to operate, compact vacuum sweepers for quick, dust-free floor cleaning for industrial applications.  The high quality range consists of the Flipper – walk behind push powered, the Hamster-walk behind petrol or battery powered or the Jonas-ride on petrol or battery powered.  The options of the powerful petrol engine for outdoors applications and the environmentally friendly battery drive for indoors use make these units perfect for all applications.  All sweepers are supplied with one side brush and the Jonas is optionally available with two side brushes.


They have an excellent sweeping performance on all types of floors, even carpet floors and a very large dirt collection capacity as a result of the overhead throwing principle allowing 100% of the hopper volume to be utilised.  They can pick-up coarse debris without problem and easily negotiate door-sills and other obstacles thanks to the large floor clearance.  They are highly manoeuvrable with large area performance up to 7,200m² cleanliness/hour.  They are infinitely variable speed drive and have extremely smooth steering and easy handling thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle bar, for fatigue-free operation.  The particularly inexpensive lifetime costs e.g. robust construction with non-rotting coated steel framework and synthetic material cover that is resistant to damage and shockproof.


Product Variations

Image Description Product Code Price (excl. GST)  

Profi Flipper Sweeper


Petrol Sweeper


Battery Sweeper


Petrol Sweeper


Battery Sweeper


Petrol Sweeper


Battery Sweeper


Petrol Sweeper


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